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Sail Away

Whether you’re a Captain or first time sailor, there’s no doubt the USVI and BVI’s offer some of the best water and winds the Caribbean has to offer. From St. Thomas, sail along the North Shore of St John, through the Sir Frances Drake Channel, as far as Tortola and Jost Van Dyke. Save money on BVI custom fees, stay in US waters, and swim with turtles in the Virgin Islands National Park!


Katti (to tie) + Maran (wood) A type of sailing boat with two parallel hulls mounted on a traverse – joining the hulls. Usually larger multi-passenger boats that can seat up to 50 passengers – great for larger groups (private trips) – or combining several smaller groups (open trips).

Mono-Hull Sailboats

Mono (One) Hull Sailing vessels usually with a single mast that are propelled partially or wholly by the wind. Some of the Sailboats listed are limited to 6 passengers and others can hold up to 30 passengers.


Whether an individual or group, St. John Concierge can recommend the best fit for your charter based on your destination and price range. While rates differ between boats, these are the typical rates you can expect to pay:

Jost Van Dyke Sail - Rates between $130 and $160 per person + BVI Custom fees Full Day Sail - Rates between $125 and $150 per person Half Day Sail - Rates between $70 and $90 per person Sunset Sail - Rates between $60 and $200 per person
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